Multilingual and multicultural communication

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Who tried to make us believe that Babel was a curse ?

Language is so intimately tied to the deepest of our soul, of our being and all our life that everybody feels attracted by anything related not only to her/his mother tongue but also any language at large.
Ancient peoples were aware of this reality but later so called rational thought and positivism reduced language to a mere spiritless tool of communication. One was supposed to acquire one's mother tongue at home and learn one or two "foreign" languages through years of wearisome learning, mainly for communication and to some extend for literature. As a result only "major" languages of written culture were at stake. Rush to a dogmatic unity of mind has just consigned to oblivion that the natural state of human societies is plurilingualism, with the cultural pluralism it conveys, a basically inevitable situation which appeals to human mind much more than a flat monotony of speech.

This reductionist view is still in force in a good part of the “developped” worlds.

However more and more people understand the irreplaceable worth of their own mother tongue, investing time and energy in passing it over to the young and creating in it. More and more persons are also aware of the delight lying in language acquisition itself, the step by step discovery of new ways to view the world, not only in "major" languages, but in every single one as well including those of the past – without neglecting the usefulness of newly acquired languages for functional or affective communication.

This leads to the need of respecting, promoting and organising language diversity as a wealth common to all humanity.

For this purpose, two preconditions are crucial : teaching children that Babel was not a curse but on the contrary a godsend and having access to proper IT solutions. The first one comes within wide political strategies and has no specific competences in this field. On the contrary, we are developing a series of facilities aiming at making of the broad use of linguistic diversity an endless delectation.

Enjoying in full one's linguistic and cultural specific riches while exchanging in this domain with other communities costs little in terms of means; yet it can open a major gateway to humanly gratifying and environment-friendly fascinating ventures/activities, among all social spheres, provided people are made aware of the very existence and intrinsic worth of such a gorgeous opportunity and have easy access to appropriate IT support – this is precisely Glossoconsulting's challenge !